Mandatory Reporting Requirements

In Connecticut, there are several laws which require certain health care providers/personnel to file reports when a patient or her/his injuries meet certain criteria. Those criteria include, but are not limited to cases where the patient:

  • Is a child (CGS § 17a-101, et seq.)
  • Is a patient in a nursing home (CGS § 17b-407)
  • Is an elderly person (CGS § 17b-451)
  • Also suffers a gunshot wound (CGS § 19a-490f)
  • Is an adult with mental retardation (CGS § 46a-11c)
  • Health care personnel should be familiar with the facility’s mandatory reporting policies and procedures, and should make a report accordingly. The information presented in these technical guidelines is intended to serve only as a guide and is not an exhaustive account of mandatory reporting laws and/or procedures.
  • See Appendix E for additional information and sample forms.