Counseling and Support

  • Call the local sexual assault crisis services program as soon as the patient arrives at the emergency department. See below for a list of programs.
  • When the advocate arrives, notify the patient that confidential sexual assault counseling services are available at no charge and that an advocate is at the hospital.
  • With the patient’s consent a sexual assault counselor should be allowed to accompany the patient throughout the exam.
  • If a victim’s clothes will be collected as part of the evidence collection, notify the sexual assault counselor, who may be able to provide clothing for the victim to wear upon discharge.

Sexual Assault Crisis Services Programs (click to enlarge)

Sexual Assault Crisis Services Programs

Sexual Assault Crisis Services Programs


Each Center Provides:

  • Hotline Services 24 hours/day 7 days/week
  • 24 hour crisis counseling
  • Information & referral
  • Advocacy for children and non-abusing parent
  • Short-term counseling for victims and their family and/or friends
  • Support groups
  • Community education programs dealing with sexual assault issues
  • Community prevention programs dealing with safety concerns, etc.


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