You have the right…

  • To have your conversations with a sexual assault counselor or family violence victim counselor at a rape crisis center or family violence center remain confidential and not used in court, unless you want them to be used. [§52-146k]
  • Not to have your present or prior sexual conduct brought up during the trial unless the court, after a hearing, decides that it is strongly related to the trial. You may wish to speak with the prosecutor about this. [§54-86f]
  • Not to have your address or phone number disclosed in the courtroom during any proceeding in the prosecution of the case involving sexual assault, injury or risk of injury to a child, or impairing the morals of a child. [§54-86d] You also have the right to have your name and address in the court records remain confidential from people not involved in the case (the offender will have access to this information through his/her attorney) and released only by an order of the court. [§54-86e]