Referrals and Victim Assistance

General Instructions

  • The support and advocacy of a trained sexual assault counselor can be very beneficial to a sexual assault patient during the patient’s visit to the health care facility and afterward.
  • The presence of a trained sexual assault counselor can also be very helpful for the examiner completing a sexual assault examination.


ENGLISH: (888) 999-5545 | SPANISH: (888) 568-8332

All calls will automatically be routed to the nearest center.

All calls are confidential. None of the centers subscribe to Caller ID.

Description of Services

  • Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc. (CONNSACS) has 9 centers located throughout the state.
  • Each community-based center provides free, confidential services for past and present victims of sexual assault/abuse/harassment and their families, parents, friends and partners. Services include:
    • 24-hour hotline with immediate access to certified counselors.
    • Crisis intervention and short-term counseling for victims of sexual assault and their families and friends.
    • Support and advocacy for the victim’s additional counseling and other needs.
    • Support groups for rape, child sexual abuse and incest victims, and parents and partners.
    • Counselor/advocates trained to work with child victims.
    • TTY access available during office hours (M-F, 9:00 – 4:30). Bilingual staff and male counselors.
    • Centers may be able to provide clothing for patients whose own clothing has been collected as evidence so that patients don’t leave the facility after discharge in a hospital gown/slippers.