Billing for Sexual Assault Forensic
Evidence Collection

General Instructions

  • State law prohibits health care facilities from billing sexual assault patients, either directly or indirectly, for the cost of gathering sexual assault evidence. [CGS § 19a-112a(e)] (See Appendix A).
  • Health care facilities are required by law to bill the costs of gathering sexual assault evidence to the CT Judicial Branch, Office of Victim Services. [CGS § 19a-112a(e)] (See Appendix A).
  • For the purposes of billing requirements, gathering sexual assault evidence means:
    • The opening of the Kit during the examination of any victim, or
    • If the victim is age seventeen or younger, the completion of the Forms and the physical examination for evidence and/or signs of sexual assault whenever the completion of the Kit is deemed inappropriate.
  • The Commission will establish a payment amount to represent the costs of gathering evidence, and shall notify health care facilities of that amount and of any changes in that amount.
  • Assistance may be available (for other expenses) not covered under CGS § 19a-112a(e). (See Appendix H).
  • See Appendix C for the Information for Victims of Sexual Assault and Their Families Booklet (Booklet). The Booklet contains information on medical care, compensation, and the billing process.

Development of Internal Procedures

  • Each health care facility that provides for the collection of sexual assault evidence should develop internal procedures for the processing of bills which are subject to the above billing requirements.
  • Processing procedures should include:
  • A method for identifying subject bills.
  • A method for the documenting on the bill (e.g., UB92) that evidence was gathered during the exam. (See Bill Submission Requirements below).
  • A method for ensuring that the CT Judicial Branch, Office of Victim Services, is designated as the primary payor on subject bills.
  • The designation of at least one person in the billing department to be informed about billing requirements and to communicate with other departments and/or the CT Judicial Branch, Office of Victim Services, regarding such billing.
  • A method for ensuring that the CT Judicial Branch, Office of Victim Services is removed as guarantor for all billing procedures after the initial submission to the CT Judicial Branch, Office of  Victim Services for purposes of CGS § 19a-112a.

Bill Submission Requirements

  • Health care facilities should submit a UB92 or equivalent for the examination of a sexual assault patient whenever that examination includes the gathering of sexual assault evidence as described above.
  • The UB92 or equivalent should include a notation that indicates that the bill qualifies for payment, e.g.:
    • “Kit done” to indicate that a Kit was completed on any patient.
    • “Pediatric/adolescent sexual assault exam done” to indicate that a patient age seventeen or younger was examined for sexual assault even if a Kit was not completed.
  • The UB92 or equivalent should not include a charge for the Kit because Kits are provided by the CT Judicial Branch, Office of Victim Services, to all health care facilities in Connecticut at no charge.
  • See Appendix H for sample UB92s with appropriate notations.
  • See Appendix H for a memo to Patient Account Managers describing bill submission requirements.

Additional Assistance for Victims of Crime

  • Information regarding the Office of Victim Services’ Compensation Program should be provided to all sexual assault patients. This information will be helpful, especially if the patient does not have health care insurance.
  • See Appendix H for specific information regarding the crime victim compensation program, and other assistance through the Office of Victim Services.
Office of Victim Services: Connecticut Judicial Branch
Compensation Program
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